ICSA Hall of Fame

Robert M. Allan Sr. Trophy

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Winner of "A" division in the ICSA Coed Dinghy Championship

2016 Ian Barrows Yale University
2015 Graham Landy Yale University
2014 Graham Landy Yale University
2013 Juan Maegli College of Charleston
2012 Chris Barnard Georgetown University
2011 Charles Buckingham Georgetown University
2010 Charkes Buckingham Georgetown University
2009 Thomas Barrows Yale University
2008 Andrew Perry Brown University
2007 Russell O'Reilly College of Charleston
2006 Andrew Campbell Georgetown University
2005 Bryan Lake University of Hawaii
2004 Bryan Lake University of Hawaii
2003 Clay Bischoff Harvard University
2001 Pete Levesque Tufts University
2000 Anthony Kotoun St. Mary's College of Maryland
1999 Jon Baker Tufts University
1998 Steven Hunt College of Charleston
1997 Graeme Woodworth Tufts University
1996 Bill Hardesty U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1995 Mark Mendelblatt Tufts University
1994 Tim Healy St. Mary's College of Maryland
1993 Brad Rodi U.S. Naval Academy
1992 J. Chris McDowell Dartmouth College
1990 Charles Ulmer Tufts University
1989 Terry Hutchinson Old Dominion University
1988 Jon Pinckney University of California Irvine
1987 Peter Renehan U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1986 Mike Pinckney College of Charleston
1985 Bradford Read Boston University
1984 Morgan Reeser U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1983 F. Nevin Sayre Tufts University
1981 Paul Dickey Tufts University
1980 John J. "Jack" Slattery Boston University
1979 R. Stuart Johnstone Tufts University
1978 Mark Rastello University of California Los Angeles
1977 Ross Griffith University of Southern California
1976 Douglas Bergh University of California Berkeley
1975 Mark Laura University of Washington
1974 Terry Neff Harvard University
1973 William Campbell U.S. Naval Academy
1972 Gary Jobson State University of New York, Maritime College
1971 Rolin "Skip" Whyte University of Rhode Island
1970 Argyle Campbell University of Southern California
1969 John Dane III Tulane University
1968 Thomas McLaughlin San Diego State University
1967 Scott Allan University of Southern California
1966 Kim Desenberg Stanford University
1965 Henry Schofield California State University Long Beach
1964 Colin Park University of British Columbia
1963 Carter Ford Harvard University
1962 John Wuestneck U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1961 Peter Gray Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1960 Ronald Marshall Ohio State University
1959 Harold Brown Boston University
1958 Bruce Goldsmith University of Michigan
1957 James P. Googe Jr. U.S. Naval Academy
1956 Frederic Hoppin Harvard University
1955 Alan DeBrec Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1954 William Buchan University of Washington
1953 Charles Hoppin Harvard University
1952 Lawrence Shep University of California Berkeley
1951 Robert B. Nickerson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1950 Robert E. Monetti Yale University
1949 Charles L. III Brown University
1948 Robert E. Monetti Yale University
1947 Robert E. Monetti Yale University
1946 Charles Hunt Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1945 Charles Bloomer Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1944 George O'Day Harvard University
1943 Samuel D. Parkinson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1942 Russell R. Mattern Jr. Boston University
1941 Leonard Romagna Brown University
1940 Roger Wilcox Harvard University
1939 Ralph T. Fletcher Jr. Brown University
1938 Stuart Allbright Dartmouth College
1937 C. Runyon Colie Massachusetts Institute of Technology