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British American Trophy

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This trophy, presented in 1954 by Mr. Kenneth H. Preston, Commodore of the Oxford University Yacht Club, is intended to promote the sport of team racing in yachts between the Universities of Great Britain and of the United States of America.

2011 BUSA
2009 ICSA
2007 BUSA
2005 ICSA
2003 ICSA
2001 BUSA
1999 No Tour
1997 BUSA
1995 BUSA
1993 ICSA (formerly ICYRA)
1991 BUSA
1989 ICYRA
1987 ICYRA
1985 ICYRA
1983 ICYRA
1981 ICYRA (Team Leader: TK)
Pede Dickey
Peter Coleman
Doug Wefer
Morgan Reeser
Jack Slattery
Jonathan McKee
1979 BUSA
1977 ICYRA Stephen D. Benjamin
Neal Fowler
Carl Fast
Matt Fischer
Kurt Weiss
Mark Rastello
1975 BUSA