ICSA Hall of Fame

Madeleine Cup

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Win "A" division in ICSA Women's Championship

This trophy, along with the Judy Lawson, were first given in 1974. The Madeleine Cup is awarded to the low point skipper of "A" division in the ICSA Women's Dinghy Championship. Ms. Madeleine was the graduate secretary of MAAWS and helped initiate the first women's nationals.

The Lawson Trophy is given to the winner of "B" division.

2018 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Bailey Carter '19
Haley Okun '18
2017 Boston College Erika Reineke '17
Fiona Walsh '17
Allison Ferraris '17
2016 U.S. Coast Guard Academy Nikole Barnes '17
Anna Morin '19
2015 Yale University Morgan Kiss
Emily Johnson
Claire Huebner
2014 Dartmouth College Deirdre Lambert
Avery Plough
2013 Dartmouth College Deirdre Lambert
Carissa Crawford
2012 Georgetown University Sydney Bolger
Rebecca Evans
2011 Georgetown University Sydney Bolger
Rebecca Evans
2010 College of Charleston Allison Blecher
Alyssa Aitken
2009 Yale University Jane Macky
Marla Menninger
2008 Yale University Jane Macky
2007 St. Mary's College of Maryland Adrienne Patterson
2006 College of Charleston Alana O’Reilly
2005 Old Dominion University Anna Tunnicliffe
2004 Tufts University AJ Crane
2003 Tufts University AJ Crane
2002 Old Dominion University Sally Barkow
2001 University of Hawaii Molly O’Bryan
2000 Harvard University Margaret Gill
1999 Georgetown University Liz Bent
1998 Brown University Katie McDowell
1997 Connecticut College Tracy Hayley
1996 Tufts University Katherine McDowell
1995 St. Mary’s College of Maryland Danielle Brennan
1994 Yale University Nicole Breault
1993 Connecticut College Tracy Hayley
1992 U.S. Naval Academy Susan Minton
1991 U.S. Naval Academy Susan Minton
1990 U.S. Naval Academy Hannah Swett
1989 Brown University Hannah Swett
1988 Brown University Kris Farrar
1987 Northwestern University Roslyn Rea
1986 Tufts University Justine Tomcheck
1985 Yale University J.J. Fetter
1984 Tufts University Liz Morrow
1983 U.S. Naval Academy Pam Corwin
1982 Yale University Amy Wardell
1981 U.S. Naval Academy Mary Brigden
1980 Miami University of Ohio Joni Palmer
1979 Pennsylvania State University Carol Park
1978 Yale University Nell Taylor
1977 Princeton University Anne Preston
1976 Florida State University Alison Jolly
1975 Columbia University Alison Jolly
1974 Princeton University Nina Nielsen
1973 Radcliffe College Barbie Grant
1972 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Maria Bozzuto
1971 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kathy Jones
1970 Radcliffe College Priscilla Storer
1969 Radcliffe College Jane Chalmers
1968 Wilson College Nance Lowe
1967 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ruth McDowell