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LT Jeff Stanley Memorial Trophy

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Awarded annually to the second place team in the Kennedy Cup Regatta.

The LT Jeff Stanley Trophy is a memorial to honor LT Jeff Stanley, USN, Class of 1970, who was killed in an aircraft over the Pacific Ocean in 1974. Throughout his four years at the Naval Academy, LT Stanley served as an excellent example as a Midshipman and Corinthian yachtsman. His participation on the Varsity Dinghy Team, Class A Ocean Racing Team, and on four Kennedy Cup Teams, caused him to be looked upon by both is superiors and peers as rare master of the varied aspects of Yacht Racing. It was in his enthusiastic support and participation in the Kennedy Cup that he is most remembers by those who knew him well.

1975 Tufts University
1977 Tulane University
1978 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1979 University of California Santa Barbara
1980 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1981 Princeton University
1982 State University of New York, Maritime College
1983 Princeton University
1984 U.S. Naval Academy
1985 University of California Santa Barbara
1986 University of California Santa Barbara
1986 Webb Institute
1987 Connecticut College
1988 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1989 Dartmouth
1990 Dartmouth
1991 University of California Berkeley
1992 U.S. Naval Academy
1993 Dartmouth
1994 Cornell University
1995 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
1996 College of Charleston
1997 College of Charleston
1998 College of Charleston
1999 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2000 U.S. Naval Academy
2001 University of Rhode Island
2002 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2003 U.S. Naval Academy
2004 U.S. Naval Academy
2005 U.S. Naval Academy
2006 University of Rhode Island
2006-07 California Maritime Academy
2007-08 California Maritime Academy
2008-09 U.S. Naval Academy
2009-10 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
2010-11 California Maritime Academy
2011-12 State University of New York Maritime College
2012-13 California Maritime Academy
2013-14 U.S. Naval Academy
2014-15 Queen's University
2015-16 U. S. Naval Academy
2016-17 U. S. Naval Academy
2017-18 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2018-19 TBD