ICSA Hall of Fame

Cornelius Shields Sr. Trophy

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ICSA Sloop Match Race National Championships – 1st Place

This trophy is awarded to the winner of the North American Intercollegiate Sloop Championship sponsored by the ICSA.

The ICYRA/NA Sloop Championship was inaugurated in 1972 with the first championship held at the University of California, Irvine in Shields class sloops. To commemorate that event, the Pacific Coast I.Y.R.A. donated the Cornelius Shields Trophy. The trophy was named in honor of Mr. Shields of Larchmont, New York, one of the most well-known sailors of his time, and was one of the largest benefactors of collegiate sailing. He donated more than 80 of the Shields class sloops to colleges throughout the U.S. and was named to the collegiate Hall of Fame in its initial year.

Year School Team Members
2018-19 TBD
2017-18 Boston College Charles Sinks '18
Tara Ferraris '19
Wade Waddell '19
Peter Lynn '19
2016-17 Georgetown University AJ Reiter
Meaghan MacRae
Sean Segerblom
Roger Dorr
2015-16 College of Charleston Christophe Killian
Rebekah Schiff
Jake Reynolds
Reed Baldridge
2014-15 Georgetown University Nevin Snow
AJ Reiter
Alexander Post
Katia DaSilva
2013-14 Georgetown University Nevin Snow
AJ Reiter
Alexander Post
Katia DaSilva
2012-13 Tufts University Will Haeger
Paula Grasberger
Solomon Krevans
David Liebenberg
2011-12 U.S. Naval Academy Jason Carminati
Taylor Vann
Killian Corbishley
2010-11 Boston College Taylor Canfield
Danny Bloomstine
Ryan Mullins
Briana Provancha
Tyler Sinks
David Grosso
2009-10 Boston College Taylor Canfield
Christian Manchester
Jonathan Lutz
Christopher Protasewich
2008-09 University of South Florida Mitchell Hall
Timothy King
Simon Sanders
Darby Smith
David Weaks
2007-08 St. Mary’s College of Maryland John Loe
Valen Smith
Frederick Vranizan
2006-07 College of Charleston Russell O’Reilly
Chris Lash
Brendan Healy
2005-06 University of California Irvine Frank Tybor
Chris Trezzo
William Pochereva
2004-05 Texas A&M University Galveston Scott Stanton
Brad Winslett
Andrew McInnes
2003-04 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Peter Must
Hugh Grandstaff
Austin Howell
2002-03 College of Charleston D. Blouin
J. Bowden
B. Dabney
B. Kimbrough
2001-02 Harvard University Sean Doyle
Cardwell Potts
Dan Litchfield
2000-01 Harvard University Sean Doyle
Cardwell Potts
Dan Litchfield
Michelle Yu
1999-00 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Allan Terhune Jr.
Eric Metz
Casey Williams
Matt Schubert
1998-99 College of Charleston David Dabney
Eric Knight
Joe Pitcavage
1997-98 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Bill Hardesty
Ken Wolfe
Eric Metz
1997 Boston University Tim Wadlow
Robbie Dean
Nick Parks
1996 U.S. Naval Academy R.D. Burley
Dean Balcirak
Joe Buczkowski
1995 U.S. Naval Academy Ryan Cox
Carl Smit
Nick Cromwell
Walter Allman
1994 St. Mary’s College of Maryland Tim Healy
Bob Oberg
Tucker Thompson
1993 Old Dominion University Patrick Downey
Greg Enos
Fred Sage
Christian Obenshain
1992 College of Charleston Andy Lovell
Jay Miles
Cain Goettelman
1991 College of Charleston Andy Lovell
Jay Miles
Bill Barrett
Jeff Irvine
1990 Old Dominion University Terry Hutchinson
Mike Devlin
Michael Sarnowski
1989 Old Dominion University Terry Hutchinson
Mitch Brindley
Mike Devlin
Mike Tamulaites
1988 Connecticut College Peter Johnstone
James Appel
Johnathon Pudney
Devon Coughlin
1987 U.S. Naval Academy Robert Hallawell
Peter Limoge
Robert Cady
1986 Spring Hill College Scott Sonnier
William Christman
Jefferson Bell
1985 University of Washington Charlie McKee
Jack Christiansen
Hank Hollenbaugh
John Stanley
1984 University of California Santa Barbara Michael Polkabla
Chris Perkins
Ken Monroe
Scott Dierdorff
1983 U.S. Naval Academy Robbie Brown
Rick Merriman
Brian Ledbetter
1982 Boston University Kenneth Read
Andy Ivey
Jim Alman
Todd Johnston
1981 University of Texas Scott Young
David Chapin
Mark Hallman
1980 University of California Irvine Tracy Usher
Seth Morrell
Rick Matzinger
1979 University of Texas Kelson Elam
Kelly Gough
Scott Young
1978 U.S. Naval Academy Gerard Coleman
Bill Cavitt
Rich Fitzpatrick
1077 U.S. Naval Academy Gar Wright
Paul Van Cleve
Doug Keiler
1976 University of California Santa Cruz Robert Wade
Jane Ellis
Dougall Johnson
Thomas Walsh
1975 University of Southern California Benny Mitchell
Curt Olsen
Gordo Johnson
1974 Tulane University Toby Darden
Dan Hash
Doug Brod
Jim Kinsey
1973 State University of New York, Maritime College Robert Martus
Gary Jobson
Jack McAllister
1972 University of Michigan Bruce Nelson
Irene Dabanian
Thomas Ehman