The Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) is the governing authority for sailing competition at colleges and universities throughout the United States and in some parts of Canada. There are seven Conferences that schedule and administer regattas within their established geographic regions.


Middle Atlantic (MAISA), Midwest (MCSA), New England (NEISA), Northwest (NWICSA), Pacific Coast (PCCSC), South Atlantic (SAISA), and South-Eastern (SEISA).

The routine operations of each Conference fall under the supervision of its Conference Commissioner and its Executive Committee, which is comprised of both undergraduates and graduate advisers or coaches. Each Conference conducts local and Interconference regattas and holds Conference Championships to qualify teams for the ICSA National Championships.


The ICSA Interconference Regatta Schedule Coordinator manages the setting of dates and formats for an extensive schedule of Interconference regattas, which include participation by clubs and teams from two or more Conferences.


College sailing began on an informal, club basis in the 1890′s, and organized racing started in 1928. It has grown to include more than 230 active colleges, and racing now occurs on every weekend during fall and spring seasons and on many weekends during the winter. It is a truly coeducational sport, and it has proved itself the best incubator for the development of racing skills. Former college sailors have always numbered significantly among Olympic medalists and America’s Cup competitors.


Many colleges that race also offer excellent and extensive recreational and instructional programs to members of their communities and, in a number of cases, to the general public. Education and training have been the corner stones of the ICSA since its inception. The introduction of novices to the sport of sailing and the providing of opportunities for the recreational sailor has often prompted colleges and universities to offer more extensive and significant support to programs than would have been the case without these services. MIT, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Charleston, and the University of California at Irvine are particularly notable, for at each of these institutions many hundreds of students, faculty and staff participate. The vast majority of college sailing is done in double and single handed dinghies, but some programs do have intermediate sloops, offshore and cruising boats, or sailboards to offer their members. Racing in the ICSA follows this same pattern.


The ICSA is a volunteer organization and has benefited greatly from the unselfish assistance of many individuals over the decades. Many US Sailing Judges have been generous in giving time to serve as officials at the district and national levels. Former college sailors play a large part in advising, guiding, and coaching current undergraduates and have been significant in numerous efforts to establish and upgrade college fleets. The offer of any assistance is always welcome.


For further information regarding the ICSA or college sailing, contact the President, Secretary or the appropriate Conference Commissioner.

ICSA President
Mitchell Brindley

Old Dominion University
Athletic Administration Building
Norfolk, VA 23529
work. 757-683-3387
fax. 757-683-6124

ICSA Secretary
Danielle M. Richards

2812 Canon Street
San Diego, CA 92106
cell: 619-322-7512