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McMillan Cup

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14” high, silver champagne shaped cup constructed by Tiffany & Co.

The McMillan Cup Regatta is the oldest collegiate sailing event.  Originally, the McMillan Cup was known as the Oliver Hay Trophy. The latter was established in 1928 by Mr. Briggs Cunningham Jr as an event to honor a well-known Yale alumnus and sailor.    It was retired in 1930.    The McMillan Cup was donated by Mr. William McMillan of Baltimore, MD, but with the understanding that his name not appear on the cup.

As the McMillan Cup Regatta was primarily an intercollegiate large yacht racing event for the New England and Middle Atlantic States, it was sailed on the East coast. Up to 1950, the regattas were held at various sailing centers in New England. After World War II it became apparent that the competing colleges would have difficulty in obtaining sufficient boats to carry the McMillan Cup. In 1950 the Naval Academy offered their 44’ Luders Yawls for Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association (ICYRA-now ICSA) competition. Since that time, the regatta has been a Chesapeake Bay event.

1930 Princeton University
1931 Princeton University
1932 Cornell University
1933 Dartmouth College
1934 Harvard University
1935 Princeton University
1936 Princeton University
1937 Yale University
1938 Harvard University
1939 Wiliams College
1940 Wiliams College
1941 Dartmouth College
1942 Dartmouth College
1943 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1944 Harvard University
1945 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1946 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1947 Yale University
1948 Yale University
1949 Princeton University
1950 Brown University
1951 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1952 Wiliams College
1953 Brown University
1954 Cornell University
1955 U.S. Naval Academy
1956 Brown University
1957 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1958 U.S. Naval Academy
1959 Princeton University
1960 Wiliams College
1961 U.S. Naval Academy
1962 Babson College
1963 Yale University
1964 Babson College
1965 Princeton University
1966 Tufts University
1967 Tufts University
1968 Yale University
1969 Brown University
1970 University of Rhode Island
1971 Harvard University
1973 Dartmouth College
1974 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1975 Yale University
1976 Brown University
1977 U.S. Naval Academy
1978 Tufts University
1979 Harvard University
1980 U.S. Naval Academy
1981 U.S. Naval Academy
1982 Princeton University
1983 State University of New York, Maritime College
1984 U.S. Naval Academy
1985 U.S. Naval Academy
1986 Connecticut College
1987 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1988 Princeton University
1989 Dartmouth College
1990 Brown University
1991 Not raced
1992 Cornell University
1993 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
1994 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
1995 St. Mary's College of Maryland
1996 U.S. Naval Academy
1997 U.S. Naval Academy
1998 Boston College
1999 U.S. Naval Academy
2000 St. Mary's College of Maryland
2001 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
2002 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
2003 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2004 U.S. Naval Academy
2005 U.S. Naval Academy
2006 U.S. Naval Academy
2007 U.S. Naval Academy
2008 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
2009 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
2010 U.S. Naval Academy
2011 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
2012 U.S. Naval Academy
2013 U.S. Coast Guard Academy
2014 U.S. Naval Academy
2015 U.S. Naval Academy
2016 U.S. Naval Academy
2017 U.S. Naval Academy