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Many drivers like to drive faster than the posted speeds. The reason for this is debatable. Most speeding drivers will tell you they get places faster by speeding. I believe they do it because it feels good to weight your foot on the gas peddle and it is a rush to drive fast and boring not too. Arriving sooner is largely a fallacy since it causes other, often time consuming, problems. Here are my top ten reasons for not speeding, followed by some typical justifications for speeding.

10. Speeding over 65 mph is not possible on campus, on city streets, during rush hours, through accident delays and construction zones, on roads with potholes, mountain roads, and in snowy, icy, foggy or even wet road conditions. But speeding in the rain, while dodging potholes and baby carriages, adds to the challenge and excitement.

9. You might get stopped for speeding which takes time and can lead to fines and higher insurance premiums for years to come, even loss of license. But what did I spend all that money on a fuzz buster for if not to speed?

8. Speeding increases the odds of missing exits and other turns. But that’s not my fault, the exits aren’t marked clearly enough for cars doing 80.

7. Speeding costs more money in gas. But that could change when we rule the Middle East.

6. Speeding requires more gas stops which costs time. But my crew whines about her mini bladder all the time.

5. Speeding can frighten some of your passengers. But that’s their problem.

4. Speeding increases the chance of road kills. So what, the vegetarians on my team are in the other car.

3. Speeding can frighten or piss off other drivers. But who cares about strangers?

2. Speeding increases the noise and vibration inside your vehicle, making it harder for your passengers to sleep, read or listen to music. But I don’t like that radio station anyway; it’s got too many traffic reports.

1. While alcohol is the second biggest contributor to fatal accidents, speeding is numero uno! Hmmmm…..