Coaching Tips

Practice and Regatta Management

Assigning Boats at Practice

Here is the first of a few coaching tips intended for teams with andwithout coaches.

Assign the boats by number at practice for the whole season. It took me five years to figure this one out but, once I did things have gone much better ever since. Everyone knows who is in every boat once memorized, even when you cannot see the faces. That makes it easier to tell who is making gains and losses during practice races and why. It also makes assigning team race teams easier. It also rewards students for keeping the little things on their boats in good working order. Some boats get better care than others but the discrepencies were worse before. Example: Before we assigned boats at Tufts, a senior hotshot, Fran Charles, took the worst boat, fixed it up until it was the best boat and practiced in it for three weeks. Then others beat him to practice and took "his boat." Fran was then discouraged from fixing other boats. We even assign boats when practicing away so that I know who is in which boat without searching for the faces. Hope that helps.