Nevins Trophy

Great day of racing despite the forecast. We completed 10 races in each division. We had a slight delay in the morning but race 1A eventually started at 10:46. A thunderstorm that went just the the east of us forced us to abandon race 10A and 10B and reset the whole course from the new southerly direction. Racing concluded at 1745. All courses were trapezoid and winds ranged from 0-12 from the NNE and then 6-8 from the SSE.

We had a few protests at the end of the day resulting in a few DSQ's and only minor BDK's. Thank you to the coaches who helped hear them.

The USMMA Midshipman did a great job setting courses all day!


A short postponement to start the day. Race 11A started at 1155 in NNE winds ranging from 3-11MPH. We sailed all afternoon and 15C finished at 1451. Courses were again KP traps with a separate start finish line. Congrats to GTN on winning the 2017 Nevins trophy.

One protest was heard resulting in two DSQ.

Thanks to the USMMA Midshipmen for helping run a great event. See you next year!

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