Announcing the 2017 BUSA Tour

I am pleased to announce the participation of ICSA in the 2017 British University Sailing Association (BUSA) Tour and the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup. The BUSA Tour is a bi-annual event pitting the best of ICSA against the best of BUSA in a tour style format that includes matches in Lasers, 2-person dinghies, and keelboats in Team Racing and Match Racing formats. The Tour has its roots all the way back to its inception in 1957 and has an incredible history of some of sailing’s best competing ever since.

While the BUSA Tour’s dates are not yet finalized, we anticipate it to begin in mid-August and end by August 26th. The team will then go on to compete in the 3rd edition of the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup in Campione del Garda, Italy. This event will be from August 27-Sept. 2. The ICSA, with the support from the US Sailing Foundation, provides funding for budgeted travel expenses for the tour. Additional personal expenses can be expected.

This year the team will consist of 6-8 sailors. Any ICSA sailor, male or female, may apply by emailing a current, pertinent sailing résumé to me at: chiggins@odu.edu.  A diverse and highly competitive record will be the primary consideration in choosing the team members. I am very excited to act as Tour Leader and Coach, and will be selecting the team members.It is my intent to have the team finalized and announced by Friday, May 26th.  All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for the LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup, which can be found at http://www.laserperformancecollegiatecup.com/event/faq/

Please enjoy the attached video to learn more about this year’s LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6r8luIYclE&feature=youtu.be&a

All applications for the 2017 BUSA Tour and LaserPerformance Collegiate Cup must be sent to me at chiggins@odu.edu no later than 5:00pm on Friday, May 12.

Charles Higgins
Assistant Sailing Coach
Old Dominion University