2017 All NEISA Team

2017 All NEISA Team

All the conclusion of racing at the Coast Guard Alumni Bowl for the New England Coed Dinghy Championship, the NEISA Awards Committee announced the 2017 All NEISA Teams.

Second Team All NEISA Crews

Jennifer Agell ’19 Roger Williams University

Madeleine Cooney ’17 Dartmouth College

Allison Ferraris ’17 Boston College

Chandler Gregoire ’17 Yale University

Louisa Lindgren ’19 Bowdoin College

Rebecca McElvain ’19 Dartmouth College

Hunter Moeller ’17 Bowdoin College

Ian Morgan ’19 Tufts University

Anna Morin ’19 US Coast Guard Academy

Paige Omura ’17 MIT

Caroline Salas ’18 Boston University

First Team All NEISA Crews

Hannah Lynn ’17 Boston College

Graceann Nicolosi ’20 Yale University

Clara Robertson ’17 Yale University

Sameena Shaffeeulla ’19 MIT

Second Team All NEISA Skippers

Scott Barbano ’17 Tufts University

Mackenzie Bryan ’18 Roger Williams University

Robert Floyd ’17 Dartmouth College

Charlie Lalumiere ’17 Dartmouth College

John Rolander ’17 Tufts University

Nick Sertl ’18 Harvard University

Charles Sinks ’18 Boston College

First Team All NEISA Skippers

Nicholas Baird ’19 Yale University

Nikole Barnes ’17 US Coast Guard Academy

Ian Barrows ’17 Yale University

Ty Ingram ’18 MIT

Joseph Kiss ’17 Yale University

Harry Koeppel ’17 Boston College

Ravi Parent ’18 Boston University

Sportsmanship (1 Vote per school)

Nikole Barnes ’17 US Coast Guard Academy

Scott Barbano ’17 Tufts University

Senior Trophy (As voted on by the seniors)

Nikole Barnes ’17 US Coast Guard Academy

Coach of the Year (Voted on by the Coaches)

Stan Schreyer Boston University

Rookie of the Year

Graceann Nicolosi ’20 Yale University ***Finalist

Scott Rasmussen ’20 Boston College***Finalist

Graceann Nicolosi ’20 Yale University ***Winner

Babineau Trophy for the NEISA Crew of the Year

Natalya Doris ’17 Yale University ***Finalist

Hannah Lynn ’17 Boston College***Finalist

Graceann Nicolosi ’20 ***Finalist

Clara Robertson ’17 Yale University ***Finalist

Hannah Scanlon ’18 University of Rhode Island ***Finalist

Sameena Shaffeeulla ’19 MIT ***Finalist

Clara Robertson***Winner

Sailor of the Year

Nicholas Baird ’19 Yale University***Finalist

Ian Barrows ’17 Yale University ***Finalist

Ian Barrows***Winner


Respectfully Submitted,



Amanda Callahan (Chair)

Stan Schreyer

John Mollicone

David Thompson

Frank Pizzo