Northwestern and Stanford win and are headed to Team Race Nationals.

Written by Chris Klevan, Photos by Ken Legler

The Northwestern University Wildcats cap an impressive season with a MCSA Team Race Championship win.  Their 16-2 record was enough to edge University of Wisconsin (13-5), who took second and the last spot MCSA offers to Team Race Nationals.

Jacob Bruce (‘16), Michael Pauleen (‘18), Ryder Easterlin (‘20), Susan Riley (‘17), Noah Rosenthal (‘18), Audrey DeBruine (‘19), Mark Davies (‘20) and Zachary Herron (‘18) led the effort for the Wildcats and look towards Charleston to continue their team race season.

The #7 Stanford Cardinal won the Carter Ford Trophy/ PCCSC Team Race Championship with a 7-1 overall record. The performance by Reiner Eenkema Van Dijk (‘17), Taylor Kirkpatrick (‘20), Will La Dow (‘18), Kathryn Booker (‘19), Jacob Rosenberg (‘20) and Sarah Placek (‘18) was enough to send the Cardinal to Team Race National once again.

Finishing second and claiming the final berth the PCCSC offers was the University of Hawaii Rainbows, with a 6-2 overall record. The Rainbows opened the regatta with an undefeated first round, handing Stanford their only loss of the regatta. This pivotal race was what made the difference over rival, UC Santa Barbara.