#7 Stanford Wins the Pacific Coast and Santa Barbara City College goes to first Nationals

Written by Chris Klevan, Photos by Ken Legler

The #7 Stanford Cardinal won the PCCSC Championship decisively with 66 total points. A committee won A-Division for Stanford with Will La Dow (‘18), Reinier Eenkema Van Dijk (‘17) and William Marshall (‘19) all taking turns on the tiller with John Cannistraro (‘17) and Cassie Obel (‘19) in the front of the boat.

Jacob Resenberg (‘20) of Stanford with Sarah Placek (‘18), Haley Fox (‘18) and Elena Vandenberg (‘18) narrowly, finsihing with 38 points, 1 point fewer than Hawaii’s Chuck Eaton (‘17) with Cuylar Zimmerman (‘19) and Annika Garrett (‘19).

UC Santa Barbara finsihed second with 81 points, Hawaii finsihed 3rd with 91 points and for the first time in school history, Santa Barbara City qualified for the Semi-Finals, finishing 4th overall.