ICSA Hall of Fame

John F. Kennedy Memorial Trophy

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The John F. Kennedy Memorial Trophy was presented to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1965 by Mr. C. Robert Yeager in behalf of the many friends of the late President. President Kennedy's love for sailing is perpetuated in the annual competition for the trophy, which represents the National Collegiate Large Yacht Championship.

1965 Edwin Butler Harvard University
1966 Robert L. Hamilton Jr. U.S. Naval Academy
1967 Robert M. Allan III Stanford University
1968 Thomas McCarthy Stanford University
1969 David McFaull Cornell University
1970 John Dane III Tulane University
1971 John Dane III Tulane University
1972 Jere White U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1973 Bruce Nelson University of Michigan
1974 Albert G. Tierney Dartmouth College
1975 Mark Hulings University of Texas
1976 Peter Isler Yale University
1977 Richard O'Sullivan U.S. Naval Academy
1978 Fred Walters University of Pennsylvania
1979 Maurice Kurg Tufts University
1980 Nick Madigan U.S. Naval Academy
1981 Nick Madigan U.S. Naval Academy
1982 Dixon Smith U.S. Naval Academy
1983 William Hough State University of New York, Maritime College
1984 Scott Dierdorff University of California Santa Barbara
1985 Mike Wachter Texas A&M University Galveston
1986 Mark Fischer University of Rhode Island
1987 Marc Fischer University of Rhode Island
1988 Dan Whitney U.S. Naval Academy
1989 Charles Pucciariello U.S. Naval Academy
1990 Kevin Hawko U.S. Naval Academy
1991 Mark Lyons University of Rhode Island
1992 Mark Lyons University of Rhode Island
1993 Oliver Vietor U.S. Naval Academy
1994 Shawn Bennett University of Southern California
1995 Stephen Karson U.S. Naval Academy
1996 Jeff Gladsun University of Rhode Island
1997 Bryan McCrillis U.S. Naval Academy
1998 Jeff Gladchun University of Rhode Island
1999 David Dabney College of Charleston
2000 Alan Uram College of Charleston
2001 Keith O'Leary Massachusetts Maritime Academy
2002 Maurice Eagan College of Charleston
2003 Nathan Hollerbach College of Charleston
2004 Michael Campbell University of Rhode Island
2005 Peter Must U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
2006 Greg Storer U.S. Naval Academy
2006-07 Jeff Kittredge University of Rhode Island
2007-08 Matthew Recker U.S. Naval Academy
2008-09 Jesse Fielding University of Rhode Island
2009-10 Cole Davis California Maritime Academy
2010-11 John Joseph Maine Maritime Academy
2011-12 Dillon Rossiter U.S. Naval Academy
2012-13 Stephen Jaenke U.S. Naval Academy
2013-14 Dillon Lancaster California Maritime Academy
2014-15 James Greenfield College of Charleston
2015-16 Chris Vilicich California Maritime Academy