ICSA/APS Team Race National Championship

Dates: May 23 - June 1, 2007
Report Time: 8:30am
Host Conference: MAISA
Host School: U. S. Naval Academy
Boat type: FJ/420
Withdrawl Deadline: 4/13
Contact: John Vandemoer, 410.293.5617
Email: vandemoe // at // usna // dot // edu
Notes: Gate passes are required at least 4 days prior to the regatta. They can be obtained at:
MAISA: St. Mary's, Hobart/William Smith, Navy
MCSA: Michigan, Wisconsin
NEISA: Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard
NWICSA: University of Washington
SAISA: Charleston, South Florida
SEISA: Texas A&M Galveston, Texas
OTHER: 14 qualifiers