West Kirby and Weymouth Matches

Saturday, 07/20/2013 5:11 pm

Update on the past few matches held in Weymouth at the Olympic site and in West Kirby.

The ICSA took both the Lord John King Trophy (Match Racing) and the British American Trophy (2v2 in Elliot 6m) in Weymouth.  The ICSA used good boat speed and boat handling to win 4-0 and 5-0 respectively. The day before the match during our training in the Elliot 6m’s we were joined by some of the radial and 470 British Sailing Team members which was quite exciting. They hadn’t done much team racing and picked it up quickly.

In the 2K match the course was sailed on W/L 2 laps with starboard rounding’s.  The first run was quite short, followed by a short second beat, ending on long downwind finish. The course gave the losing team a bit of an advantage to catch the 2, in the end the ICSA had won in almost all cases by the second beat.

Yesterday we finished the match at West Kirby named the Performance Dingy Trophy. The match was sailed on a marine lake named Hoylake, built for recreation, that is flooded during spring tides. West Kirby is home to a 10 meter range in tides, which between high and low water offers radically different landscape.

In comparison to the first 3v3 match, the ICSA improved starting. Getting off the line in almost every race in a stable combination, however had a bit of trouble on the last beats. The ICSA narrowly won two races rounding mark 3 in a 1,2,6 on a very shifty last beat. In race number 3, just winning within boat lengths of the line. Their luck with the 1,2,6 in race 5 didn’t hold and the BUSA Team took their first win of the tour. In race 6, the ICSA finally was able to hold on the ace to win the match in a 1,2,5.

Today we had an interesting day of Team Racing, watching a 3v3 race that was finally called off after 33 minutes. Instead of sailing on the lake we, sailed out in the sea during high water, doing 3 of 18 races in about 6knots of current as the high water left. The racing area was on top of a 5 square mile sand bank. The West Kirby Sailing Club took out a BBQ pit and we enjoyed about 6hrs of cricket, rugby and drinks with the BUSA Team and the WKSC members.

Our final match will a 3v3 Laser Match on Tuesday outside of London.