Sonar Regatta on the Solent

Sunday, 07/14/2013 3:35 am

The tour has taken the most comfortable and welcoming turn for us on the Isle of Wight.

Our match racing event was postponed due to lack of interest and support by the Yacht Club who was helping to supply boats.

The event will now be held in Weymouth, after the 2K Match on Wednesday.

The match being rescheduled, however has allowed use to participate in the Annual Regatta at the Island Sailing Club in Cowes. We’ve entered two teams; deciphering the course diagram and finding the marks best are, Chris Barnard, Mimi Roller, Ben Spector and Josh Greenslade. The second boat can agree that they had had better days sailing (Chris Segerblom, Mac Mace, Judge Ryan, Tim King).

The racing was casual, but extremely engaging, as Solent was packed with boats off all sorts including Swans and Classic Yachts for the upcoming Classic Week and Swan events.  Conditions started off quite tame, as we were postponed on shore due to lack of wind and current that was shocking to even the CoC boys. At round 1pm we got off our first race. Two more followed during which time we reached high water and experienced, the local back eddies along the shore and sand bars. Racing concluded after two more races.

We woke up today to zero breeze, we’ve decided to wait at the house until things look more promising for racing.