Lipton Trophy

Saturday, 07/13/2013 11:28 am

BUSA FarmoorThe ICSA showed up in good form for the first Firefly 3v3, co-skippered event, wining the best 9 series. Conditions on the reservoir were ideal for team racing, 5-10knt in flat water.

In race 1: Late at the gun on a very pin favored line, the ICSA was at a bit of a disadvantage with BUSA in a play 1. By mark 1 the ICSA used speed to find themselves in a 2,3,6 and with a fighting chance of  converting. Chris Barnard and Mac Mace set a two boat trap at mark 3 to convert to play 2. Sailing a good last beat, Race 1 was in the bag.

Race 2: The ICSA took the advantage off the line working in to a play 2 quickly. On the run BUSA did a good job getting the play 2 unbalanced, and the ICSA rounded mark 3 in a 2,3,6. Again however, the ICSA, on the final beat managed get free and finish 2,3,5.

In Race 3: The ICSA had another good start winning 2 out of 3 pairs off the line. The ICSA boys did a good job balancing the very shifty conditions rounded mark 1 in a 1,3,4. After spinning on the run the ICSA was in play 4. On the final beat getting the BUSA team on their heels the ICSA finished 1,2 after a passback approaching the line.

Race 4: The ICSA got off the line very well with two boats winning the pin. Just off the line the ICSA was balancing a 1,2,6. Approaching mark 1 on the port layline the ICSA found themselves overstanding and rounded 2,3,5. The advantage on the downwind was in the hands of the team chasing and with good speed the ICSA was able convert to a 1,4,5 before mark 3. The ICSA was able to hold on play 4 up the last beat, and finished 1,3,5 after BUSA spun within boat lengths of the finish.

On the final race, BUSA clearly had a the advantage off the line. With 1 ICSA boat spinning at the gun and a second hung up in irons at the boat end the scenario became more confounded when the two boats had to avoid one another. The race looked grim at mark 1, with the ICSA rounding with a deep 5 and 6. Chris Barnard in the 1, set a small compression trap at mark 2, but with the 5,6 still on the first beat he was forced to round the mark by the BUSA Team. BUSA continued to push and rounding mark 4 BUSA was looking to take their first win.  With sound speed and solid teamwork , the ICSA was able to get BUSA unbalanced . The ICSA in a 2,3,5 was able to complete the final passback to finish in a play 2.

The final beats seemed to make the difference. The team did a good job taking advantage of the pressure and shifts to get the BUSA Team unbalanced. The races were all very close and most often a stable combination was secured until the final boatlengths of the race. Both the ICSA and BUSA are looking forward to their second 3v3 match in West Kirby.

Coach Tim