Final Practice

Wednesday, 07/10/2013 6:55 pm

We finished our final day of practice before our first match, which will be held in Oxford on the Farmoor Reservoir. The format is for 6 helm 3v3 in fireflies.

A good amount of the practice was focused on starts, which will go a long way in helping the team get used to the varying approaches and comforts during the starts.

The starting drill was quite good as it allowed us to set a couple of different scenarios up and keep things changing. We dropped a mark about 30 seconds to starboard of the boat end, on a beam reach to the line ( although that mark could be set higher or lower depending), as the first of the three went around he or she ( Mimi Roller SMCM ’13) would call 1 min. It was then the job of the 1st and 3rd boat to control the opponent until she reached the line. For some of the starts we said that resetting, either tacking or gybing, on the approach wasn’t allowed. This sparked a bit of discussion, because during a race this wouldn’t be a restriction that would factor on a start, but that small change really stressed two important core skills in team racing starts of controlling and time/distance. In the end the tweak had a positive impact on the afternoon drill.

After about an hour and half of pretty much continuous starts the team was ready to have a few quick races with the British Team before calling it a day and meeting up for an evening barbeque.

Coach Tim