2013 – 2016 ICSA Procedural Rules

Thursday, 01/31/2013 1:32 pm

Download 2013 – 2016 ICSA Procedural Rules


The Procedural Rules for Inter-Collegiate Sailing Competition were originally drafted in 1949 by the Rules Committee of the Inter-Collegiate Yacht Racing Association of North America (predecessor to the ICSA) and for the original document the ICYRA National Rules Chairman was Robert S. Foster. This edition of the Procedural Rules represents the thirteenth revision of the Procedural Rules and organizes a portion into class rules.

It is likely that continuing revisions will be necessary. Member colleges, teams, clubs and individuals are invited to submit suggestions for rule improvements to their Conference Commissioners or the ICSA President for consideration by the Rules Committee for the next full revision of The Procedural Rules.

Bryan McDonald, Chair (PCCSC)
Gerard Coleman (SEISA)
Ward Cromwell (SAISA)
Kyle Eaton (NWICSA)
George H. Griswold (MCSA)
John Mollicone (NEISA)
Bill Ward (MAISA)