Coaching Sound Bites

General Success:
The team that wins is not the most brilliant; it is the team that makes the fewest mistakes.

When the crew makes a mistake; it’s the skipper’s fault.

When the skipper makes a mistake; it’s the crew’s fault.

Strategy & Tactics:

Strategy is good, tactics are evil.
Find the line.
Start where the others are not.
Play the favored side of the fleet, not the corner of the course.
When boat A hails “starboard” to boat B, boat C gains.
At a crowded weather mark, overlay the mark and the traffic.
Never get fouled.
Lateral Separation is better in the long run.
The passing lane is outside the wake.
At a crowded leeward mark, slow up to win.
Round the gate mark that has the path of least resistance.


Unlike the wind; the current is a known variable.
100’ of drift in 1 minute equals 1 knot of current.
Overcompensate for current as others under compensate.

Driving Safety:

What time you arrive at a regatta is not a function of speed; it is a function of what time you leave.
Avoid the three deadly D’s: Drunk, drowsy, distracted.

Personal Risk Management:

Never, ever break two laws simultaneously.

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