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College Sailing Team Racing National Championship
Walter Cromwell Wood Bowl



This regatta has been run since 1954. Through 1976, each district formed an All Star team comprised of skippers from their Morss Trophy entries or other top sailors from the district to compete in the Team Racing Championship. After 1976, each entry for the team racing championship was made up of individuals from one college, and districts held separate eliminations to qualify teams. At present, the five largest districts receive two entries each, while the two smaller districts receive one entry each for a total of twelve teams. The size of each individual team was also lowered from four to three boats per team. A full round robin series is sailed, with each college racing all opposing colleges once.

The Walter C. Wood Trophy was donated by M.I.T. graduates and friends in honor of Walter C. “Jack” Wood of M.I.T. for his outstanding contributions to intercollegiate sailing.  The Wood Trophy since 1977 has been awarded for the North American Team Racing Championship.

This trophy honors the outstanding contributions of Walter C. “Jack” Wood to intercollegiate sailing.  Jack was M.I.T.’s first sailing director and, in conjunction with Len Fowle, was a founder of college racing.  The trophy was donated by M.I.T. graduates and other friends of Jack.

1970-New England I.S.A
-University of Rhode Island
-Yale University
-Harvard University
1971-Pacific Coast I.Y.R.A.
-San Diego State University
-University of Southern California
1972-Midwest C.S.A.
-University of Michigan
-Michigan State University
-Notre Dame University
-Ohio Wesleyan University
1973-Southeastern I.S.A.
-University of Texas
-Tulane University
1974-New England I.S.A.
-U.S Coast Guard Academy
-Harvard University
1975-Midwest C.S.A.
-University of Michigan
-Michigan State University
1976-New England I.S.A.
-Tufts University
-Yale University
1977-University. of Rhode Island
1978-U.S. Naval Academy
1979-U.S. Naval Academy
1980-Boston University
1981-Long Beach State University
1982-Boston University
1983-U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1984-Tufts University
1985-University of Southern California
1986-Tulane University
1987-U.S. Naval Academy
1988-University of California, Irvine
1989-U.S. Naval Academy
1990-Old Dominion University
1991-U.S. Naval Academy
1992-U.S. Naval Academy
1993-Tufts University
1994-Tufts University
1995-Tufts University
1996-Tufts University
1997-Stanford University
1998-Old Dominion University
1999-St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2000-St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2001-Georgetown University
2002-Harvard University
2003-Harvard University
2004-St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2005-Hobart/WmSmith Colleges
2006-Georgetown University
2007-St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2008-Boston College
2009-Boston College
2010-St. Mary’s College of Maryland
2011-Roger Williams University
2012-College of Charleston
2013-Yale University